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One Direction Announce World Tour 2014


One Direction Announce World Tour 2014

Yes, that’s correct the boys will be touring next year. So Directioners, you better start getting those tweet campaigns running to get the boys here too!

So far they have revealed that the Where We Are tour will start closer to home in the UK, from the 28th of April in Sunderland.

The next leg of their tour will see them going to Latin America to visit countries Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Paraguary, Chile and Uruguay.

Seen here is the 10 minute press conference where 1D announced the tour.

One question asked from them was what the fans could expect from their shows and Harry answered: ‘It’s important that the fans know it’s not the same tour going around again in stadiums. We want to make the stage bigger, with new songs. It’s going to be a completely different tour and a lot of fun.’

Those in the know expect the Directioners to sell over 1 million tickets for their concerts.


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