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Pascal and Pearce


Pascal and Pearce

Teenzone met up with Pascal and Pearce at 2016’s Joburg Live Loud festival held at Emmerentia Dam, Joburg. We had the opportunity to speak to them moments after they performed! Here’s what they had to say about the event, their performance and future music in the making:

Pascal and Pearce

Pascal and Pearce

  1. Is this the first time that you have performed at Joburg Live Loud?

I think this is our third time.

  1. How did today’s performance compare?

It gets better every time. The production gets better. It is at the same place as last time but they just everything around.

  1. Looking at your list of remixes and collaborations, it’s incredibly impressive.

It’s like a musical brothel. Just with a little more class.

  1. If you had to look back and identify the moment where you thought to yourself ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me’, what would it be?

Obviously like huge moments in our lives, for both of us, we both wanted to have something that was huge and ambitious. But no one really prepares you for how it’s going to be. Building an album is one of those cool things where you can finally have something that is tangible and amazing.


Pascal and Pearce & Kriszti Bottyan

  1. How do you find it is like mingling with the other artists?

It’s obviously a formality. I mean, if you don’t say hello to someone then you’re not being the best in a sense. Like if someone walks past you and they say hello to you, it’s pleasantries to say hello back. There could be opportunities in the future, making music together one day. That’s one thing that performing music allows us to do is meeting people you wouldn’t normally be involved with. Music is very important to most of us here so we have that all in common. Music allows you to come together and progress with one another. That’s the connection point that music brings. 

  1. Is there anyone here that you would love to work with in the future?

Black Coffee, Tressor and Matthew Mole.

  1. Do you enjoy the performance aspect that is expected of a musician?

I think it’s 50/50. I think you have to balance it quite well.

Pascal and Pearce

Pascal and Pearce, Nick Hamman and Kriszti Bottyan

  1. Experimenting with music is great because you can obviously make music that you know people are going to love (commercial) or you can push creative boundaries. Do you ever feel as if you are pushing those boundaries?

I think for us, because we’ve been making music for so long together and we’ve produced so many tracks. We enjoy experimenting with music obviously because you can’t just keep making the same stuff. When we were younger and Blink 182 released another album and you felt like it wasn’t the same as the first. You almost feel like, ‘Why did you take away my music?’ I’ve grown up in this position and I get it. If you make the same music all the time then it is going to die. You have to allow yourself to fit into different moulds. Also, you want to make music that will sell but you also want to make your heart happy.

  1. Is there anything you guys are working on at the moment?

Ja, ja. We have a lot music coming out next year (2017). We just signed with Universal [Studios]. Right now there are a lot of tracks we’re working on. We’re trying to find the right people to collaborate with and stuff. A lot of it is still underground, not on the radio yet.     

Pascal and Pearce

Pascal and Pearce, Nick Hamman and Kriszti Bottyan


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