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Review: ‘Dance With Your Heart’ By Bronwyn Mulrooney


Review: ‘Dance With Your Heart’ By Bronwyn Mulrooney

Review: Dance With Your Heart By Bronwyn Mulrooney

At the South African Ballet Academy, it is the most stressful time of the year.  Not only are the senior students busy with exams, but they are all hoping for a lead role in Giselle, the beautiful story of love and love lost and ghostly secrets.

The thirteen year old Gemma and her friends, Dineo and Marley are also hopeful and practicing every single moment they have.  Gemma even ends up in the eerie, old unused studio in the middle of the night where she meets Emily Smith, who shares her love story with Gemma.   Just like it is Gemma’s dream to dance, it was Emily’s dream a hundred years ago.  

Gemma is getting overwhelmed in her quest to be deserving of her chance here at the Ballet Academy but remembers the French ballet teacher’s advice: “Ballet is technical, but the good dancer doesn’t dance with the head, the good dancer dances with the heart.

This book has something for everybody.  There is even the typical super snobs and boys, don’t disappear, this is not just a book for girls, but this school also have boys and adventures that include excellent planning to execute on the night of the Halloween Mask Ball.  But read it yourself and be surprised! 

Review: Dance With Your Heart By Bronwyn Mulrooney

By: Laetitia Bottyan

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