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What is your skin type?


What is your skin type?

When it comes to skin care it is important to be aware of what your skin type is so that you can choose the most appropriate product. Skin types depend on a few factors such as:

  • Water content – affects your skin’s comfort and elasticity.
  • Oil content – which affects your skin’s softness and nutrition. 
  • Level of sensitivity – which affects your skin’s tolerance to certain products. 

There are generally speaking 5 skin types: normal skin type, combination skin type and dry skin type.

Skin type

Normal skin type

You are genuinely lucky if you have normal skin. This means that your skin has the right balance of water and lipids. Lipids store energy, signal and act as structural components of cell membranes. Normal skin has good circulation and there will be no trace of oil on the tissue. Normal skin has little or no imperfections and it means that your skin has no severe sensitivity. You have a smooth and even tone combined with a radiant complexion. Another positive is that you have pores that are barely visible.

 Oily skin type

People with this skin type will have blots of oil on their tissue around their nose, cheeks and forehead. If you have this skin type then you have overactive sebaceous glands, which results in your skin producing too much oil. Oily skin can be caused by a variety of factors including: hereditary factors, diet, hormone levels, pregnancy, unsuitable cosmetics and stress, leading to acne flare ups and enlarged pores. It is very important to clean your skin often but with gentle and soap-less cleansers. 

Dry skin type

This skin type is basically the opposite to oily skin type. If you have a dry skin its because you have low levels of sebum active in your tissue. Dry skin can be caused by the same affects mentioned in ‘Oily skin type’. Dry skin is flaky and constantly feels like it is being drawn tight. Your complexion is dull accompanied by red patches of skin. Finally, you have almost invisible pores and your skin will have more visible lines. Is is important to use an effective skin moisturizer. Skin type

Combination skin type

This is when you have an oily ‘T-zone’ and no moisture on your cheeks, mouth and eye area. The ‘T-zone’ consists of you forehead, nose and sometimes, your chin. Because of this, the best skin care practice will involve you treating each section of your face differently.

Sensitive skin type

Sensitive skin is usually triggered by a product of some kind. Sensitive skin becomes inflamed, irritated, red, itchy and dry. Skin conditions that accompany this skin type include rosacea, eczema or allergies.    

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