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Soft Drugs: Don’t Trip


Soft Drugs: Don’t Trip


Soft Drugs: Don’t Trip. It hit me, or rather I hit it. My head hit the concrete floor as I fainted after taking a puff of some of “the good stuff” and it was apparently just a few seconds ’til I came to. What was this good stuff? It was weed. Yes, at 22 I do choose to smoke weed and it was my own choice, which is the main reason for it not being a mainstream thing. The reason why I smoked it that day was because of social aspects and the action taught me that it was a stupid idea. However, you’re probably pondering why do I smoke it or why do I know about it? It is not because of peer pressure, not to be a cool kid and it is also not because I want to be a rebel (as my dad knows about it and for good reason): medical use. Does this make me a bad person or stoner or a dope head? Not at all and if you smoke some then it doesn’t necessarily mean you are one either unless you are dependent on it to create a second fun self, which ain’t cool dudes.

Ladies and gents there is indeed a thing called Medical Marijuana and I smoke it BUT not to be cool at all but rather because of a slipped disc in my spine, which causes immense pain on the daily. Another reason is because I have that mind that refuses to stop thinking, motoring through the day, over thinking and when I have a smoke by myself for a few hours I honestly don’t hurt or hate. Does this mean that everyone needs to smoke it? NAY! You don’t have glaucoma or whatever rappers and movies sensationalize it to be. 

See, there is a thing called soft drugs and these are said to not cause physical addiction or damage to one’s appearance. Said soft drugs is the category in which weed falls, however it along with some of the other drugs like LSD and DMT (I literally have no idea what this is because I have no interest in expanding my drug knowledge, solely because I don’t ‘need’ drugs).  Anyway, LSD and DMT do sometimes make you develop a psychological dependence to the drug and that’s when you decide to hit the big guns like heroin and cocaine. The key word there was decide. Why? Because it was your own choice to go big and go home, and because of such choices an inaccurate popular belief exists that states that soft drugs are a gateway to hard or heavy drugs, which it isn’t unless you make it one. This being said it should be known that in general, I don’t condone the use of drugs unlike in special cases for which one gets prescriptions for medical use.

Go to any music festival and you will realize just how dependent certain people are on hard drugs to have fun. It is sad because where is the true experience of the event? You won’t remember the best parts because you were too busy tripping. Drugs do that, they got you tripping in life because you become less you.  I have seen the long term effects of both types of drugs and, side-note, even alcohol can be classified as a hard drug and it ain’t purrrdy, people! But once more, don’t actually do drugs because drugs are drama and that drama is one extra thing that you do not need right now.

Soft drugs are neither bad nor 100% good but it is less detrimental than hard drugs. Fundamentally, if you feel pressured into doing something against your will like drugs, smokes or alcohol then rather say no, please. But if you choose to go for it don’t let it consume you and don’t become fully dependent on it.

So basically it all sums up to “Don’t do drugs and stay in school kids.”

By: Sharon van Diggelen 


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