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Special person – Mia Coetzee


Special person – Mia Coetzee

I met you and I was instantly hooked,

I loved the way you talked and looked.

We first became friends then we dated,

“I will always love you” is what you stated.

And in 3 years time I started to believe,

That what you said was true indeed.

But 1 week later we were through,

I started crying when I thought of you.

You broke my heart, you crushed my soul,

I didn’t think I could let you go,

But one special person helped me realise,

That I didn’t need a guy.

All I need is my family and friends,

And being happy all depends,

On who you truly are inside

That special person gave me pride.


On Second Thought


A constellation she was from a far

He was the galaxy and she was his star

A vastful love they mastered

A meteor of pain and sacrifice

But long it lasted

Eyes of fire set his heart ablaze

A beautiful constellation, a beautiful maze

The sun would be their end.

A broken soul she hoped to mend

Morning came.

She was no longer his

The star he had once caught

Had given love a second thought

Keisha Felix

It was fun

The annoying nights

Right after the morning sun

The meaningless fights

I’ll miss you so much

Yes it was fun

When we were so immature


Nothing to teach

Laughter after laughter

Advice to advice

Nothing serious ever existed

I lack regrets

For the moment brought smiles

It may have been worthless

But it created some shine

It has to come

The end to my incapabilities

Never will I stay calm

We ought to grow into reality

Of course it was fun

Unfortunately, it’s now done

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