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How to spot a fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit


How to spot a fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

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Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kit is so famous that it basically breaks the internet every time it goes on sale. Although some have argued that the hype around the kit is overrated, the sales speak for themselves. Kylie is fast becoming a billionaire all thanks to her company called Kylie Cosmetics.

As with most brands, there are fake Lip Kits that can be found distributed all over the world. In last night’s episode of Life of Kylie Kylie and best friend Jordyn take business into their own hands and confront distributors of the fake cosmetics. These kits are often sold for the same or even more than the originals.

How to spot a fake Kylie Lip Kit?

 1. A fake Kylie Lip Kit cost only around $1- $4, but the price of the original Lip Kit cost $29. 

2. The box of a real Kylie Lip Kit has its item’s shade shown on the top and sides of the box, while the name of the shade is written on the top. The lip photo is a bit higher and the fonts are bolder.

3. Some fake Kylie Lip Kits come in slimmer boxes and are most often not sold with a lip liner. Lip Liners that are sold with the fake Kylie Lip Kits are bigger and paler shade than the original and has a different cap as well.

4. Kylie’s Lip Kit bottle has a clear stopper at then end of it, not a solid white stopper as most fakes do.

5. The latest box of Kylie Cosmetics is plain black on the outside and it also square. The inside has the usual silver Kylie with a white dripping graphic.

Do not buy your Lip Kits from eBay retailers, Chinese e-commerce and most re-sellers. If you want to buy one from a re-seller then ask for their order number. 



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