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  • NewsZone

    Sports round-up of the week

    By May 4, 2018

    By our (very-biased-but-claims-he-isn’t) sport’s commentator The sporting focus was very much on football this week, and...

  • HealthZone

    Your bra: are you wearing the correct size?

    By March 2, 2018

    So recent stats have shown that 9/10 women do not know their actual chest measurement. This...

  • MeZone

    End of exercise

    By July 6, 2017

    End of exercise. Some sports we know only from books or movies; they died an early...

  • MeZone

    So, you want to be a drone racer?

    By March 13, 2017

    In sporting terms, the “bat and ball” has traditionally reigned supreme, whether it’s the leather nut...

  • MeZone


    By December 21, 2016

    Say Sepaktakraw fast five times. We haven’t yet managed to pronounce Sepaktakraw (by ‘yet’ we aren’t suggesting that we...

  • MeZone

    Christmas Tree Throwing

    By December 14, 2016

    In honour of Christmas Day, which is fast approaching, here is a video that consists of...

  • MeZone

    Extreme Ironing – Skydiving

    By December 9, 2016

    Out of all the weird sports we’ve posted so far, this one seems to be the...

  • MeZone

    Unicycle Football

    By December 2, 2016

    This print edition of Teenzone is packed with sports. Some of the sports you most probably...

  • MeZone

    Underwater Rugby

    By November 18, 2016

    In South Africa Rugby is an extremely popular sport to both watch and play. But for...

  • MeZone

    Chess Boxing

    By November 9, 2016

    The new print issue of Teenzone magazine is The Sport Edition. The magazine officially hit shelves...

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