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Teenzone Luncheon with Sune Luus and Jana Marie Thomas


Teenzone Luncheon with Sune Luus and Jana Marie Thomas

Teenzone luncheon with Sune Luus and Jana Marie ThomasTeenzone Luncheon with Sune Luus and Jana Marie Thomas! The weather was pleasant on the 11th of June and seemed to welcome the idea of a luncheon. Jana Marie Thomas (16) was the winner of TeenZone’s competition that allowed her to meet up with Sune Luus (20)- a Momentum South African Female cricketer. Jana made the trip from Ermelo, where she plays for a small cricket team. The two cricketers were in good humour as they discussed their shared passion in life.

In a male-dominated discipline Sune and Jana were determined to fight the constructed stereotypes around cricket and therefore pursued the career. Sune put it simply that a boy told her she couldn’t play cricket when she was younger and therefore she started playing cricket to show him that she could. Jana commented that cricket is in her blood, thanks to her Father, and she wanted to prove that she could play cricket just like her brothers could. Both players get a kick out of being able to challenge their male friends! They both joked that the male ego is a very sensitive topic. Sune commented, however, that you can’t compare male and females in any sport AND that at the end of the day it’s for the love of the game.Teenzone luncheon with Sune uus and Jana Marie Thomas

TeenZone was very aware of another stereotype when it comes to female cricketers and sought to challenge it by asking the two ladies about their stance on the subject. Female cricketers are often described as being butch. The two ladies, however, oozed femininity. Sune stated that it is important to be tough when you play a contact sport but that it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are still a woman. Jana, with pink ribbons and earrings in her ears, corroborated Sune’s statement. Both ladies would ultimately describe themselves as tom-boyish but that it doesn’t limit them when it comes to feminine expression.

Sune, furthermore had this to say about the topic: ‘As the game progresses, more feminine and girlie-girls want to play the sport and want to be more active and get involved etc.’

Teenzone luncheon with Sune Luus and Jana Marie ThomasWhen asked about her expectations for the meet and greet, Jana stated that she expected that Sune was going to be a great inspiration and felt that her expectations were met. By popular belief Sune is often described as a sweetheart; Jana commented more than once that she was indeed a sweetheart. Sune gaffed at Jana’s compliments with true humility.

Sune discussed her goals with TeenZone stating that the ultimate achievement in cricket is to represent your country. ‘There are other big opportunities in other countries like the Big Bash in Australia now and the Super League in England. For me, I’m still young and everything is growing. There might be an IPL for women in India as well. Everything is happening now.’

Jana was asked who her greatest inspiration in the sport is. She replied excitedly by referring to Lizelle Lee.  ‘Apart from Ermelo, she went on to play for South Africa. Now she’s going to England to play cricket. So she’s gone far from playing for my Father’s little cricket team.’

Jana thanked her Father and Mother for being great supporters when it comes to fulfilling her dreams.


By: Kriszti Bottyan


My name is Kriszti Bottyan (23) and I am the Editor of Teenzone Magazine. This means that all content goes through me before it reaches you. I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2015 and I am currently completing my post-grad in Applied Languages. I am admittedly addicted to E! but I am also into the more serious content about society and about topics concerning YOUR future. Ultimately, you are my number one priority. We have migrated to a digital platform that is more suitable to you, our readers. We are continuously grateful for your support and in return promise to deliver. We will not disappoint!

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