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The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats


The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats

This add-on expansion pack is everything you’d expect from the world of Katy Perry. It’s colourful, gaudy, whacky and over-the-top. From the décor to the furniture, fashions and hairstyles, you’ll have sensory overload – and that’s just the way Katy Perry fans will like it. It’s like stepping into one of her music videos. There are three new venues for your Sims to explore – a local hangout called the Cake Pleasure Dome, a town park (complete with candy playground equipment) and a public swimming pool. The trees are made of candyfloss, couches come shaped like banana splits, there’s a picnic table made of waffles and a guitar with a cupcake theme – so, in short, everything is what the game’s name suggests – sweet. The Sims version of Katy’s hit Last Friday Night T.G.I.F is cute, and was recorded by the star herself. But be warned, you cannot play this game unless you have the full Sims 3 game installed, so get that first.

TeenZone Magazine’s September issue has super The Sims 3 Katy Perry Sweet Treats hampers to give away, so get it now and enter today!

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