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Tweeting mishap for Oscars Accountant


Tweeting mishap for Oscars Accountant

Brian Cullinan is apparently the person that is being held liable for the Oscars 2017 mishap that occurred on Sunday evening. In an unfortunate twist of fate, La La Land was announced the Best Picture of the evening when Moonlight had actually won the award. Brian Cullinan was the accountant that handed the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty. Now it turns out that Cullinan had posted a tweet of Emma Stone backstage moments before the mishap occurred. The question being asked is, ‘Was Cullinan distracted?’ He has since removed the tweet off of Twitter but this action is a little too late. This act has also brought more attention to the question that was asked earlier.


Apparently, Cullinan and his colleague Martha Ruiz were the only two people that knew the results of the Oscars before they were announced. Cullinan and Ruiz’s roles were to stand in the wings of the stage and make sure that the right envelopes were handed out at the right time. If the stars take their own copy of the envelope after they had won, how did a copy of Emma Stone’s leading actress award be handed to Warren Beatty. That’s just it, there are two copies of each award, just in case. It seems that this ‘in case’ action has lead to the evening’s downfall.

It’s not the first time that a celebrity has tweeted as the wrong time, however. Donald Trump is a notorious tweeter often involving himself in twitter wars. Surely the President of the United States should not be conducting himself in such a manner? We ran this question past our readers and surprisingly 50% agreed that presidents should tweet while 50% disagreed with the same topic. So basically, we’re torn about it?

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The likes of Chris Brown, Amanda Bynes, Ashton Kutcher and Cee Lo Green are among the celebs that have gotten themselves into trouble over things they have tweeted. The topics that they have tweeted about, however, have centred around racism, sexism and prejudice. Some local celebs are also guilty of this crime, as we are well aware. Not exactly the same situation as Brian Cullinan finds himself in. 

The lesson of the story:

  • Is my Tweet offensive?
  • Can it get me into trouble?
  • Should I be tweeting right now?
  • Once I post it, it’s on the internet forever even if I delete it.

Basic guidelines but one many of us can benefit from.

By: Kriszti Bottyan

My name is Kriszti Bottyan (23) and I am the Editor of Teenzone Magazine. This means that all content goes through me before it reaches you. I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2015 and I am currently completing my post-grad in Applied Languages. I am admittedly addicted to E! but I am also into the more serious content about society and about topics concerning YOUR future. Ultimately, you are my number one priority. We have migrated to a digital platform that is more suitable to you, our readers. We are continuously grateful for your support and in return promise to deliver. We will not disappoint!

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