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Vintage Zionist Debut At SA Fashion Week


Vintage Zionist Debut At SA Fashion Week

Vintage ZionistAutumn/ Winter 2017 is best served Rock n Roll. This was the very clear and fashion- forward message conveyed at Vintage Zionist’s SA Fashion Week debut on Thursday, 22 September 2016.

As per the recurring theme with previous Vintage Zionist collections, the inspiration for the AW17 collection was derived from the Rock n Roll culture, with the leather jacket being presented as the core encore of the range.

“As Vintage Zionist is a Rock based brand we felt it was important to present a collection that puts forward the most visually stimulating and strongest genre within the Rock n Roll music scene. That of Heavy Metal Rock n Roll”, says Vintage Zionist Founders Oscar Ncube and Mandy Newman.

Taking the direct and literal translation from the phrase heavy metal, the leather jackets are heavily embellished and adorned with metal studding, reverts and zips; as is the culture within the Heavy Metal music scene. Accessorizing them for the showcase was then implemented tastefully through all the accompanying apparel making up the monochromatic collection.

Leather, cotton and lycra were the preferred fabrics of choice, for the AW17 collection. There is a very deliberate play on proportions as well as varied lengths within the looks. With the Vintage Zionist customer in mind, the goal was to create a complete lifestyle clothing range that the customer would be happy to wear. The AW17 collection like any other Vintage Zionist collection displays a clear brand signature with exposed and raw seam work.

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About Vintage Zionist:

Vintage Zionist focuses on ushering in a new era in the vintage clothing retail market. Armed with rock and roll inspired design ethos, Vintage Zionist creates its looks and styles by revamping, recycling, up cycling, deconstructing and redesigning clothing as well as accessories. The overarching aim being that of creating on- trend cohesive ranges.

Founders Oscar Ncube and Mandy Newman believe in sustainable, timeless fashion and thus focus on the re-engineering of vintage clothing as well as accessories.


Instagram handle: @vintagezionist


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