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Bizaardvark is Disney Channel’s sassy new show about two teenage vloggers, Paige Olvera and Frankie Wong – played by Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Wu. Want some social media tips from the comedy stars? Of course you do! We quiz Olivia and Madison on all things emoji and OMG


Hi girls! How often are you two online?

Olivia:  I try to keep a healthy balance of going online and real interaction with my friends, but I do love the internet. I try to post on Instagram every day and I’m probably on my phone four or five times a day. Is that bad?

Madison: I’m online a lot. Even if I’m on my phone watching something on YouTube, I’ll switch off the video every couple of minutes to check my social media. I’m so bad. I’m on my phone way too much!

What are your favourite social media platforms?

Olivia:  Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform. Mind you, I’m really getting into Snapchat right now, too.

Madison: For me, it’s probably Instagram and Snapchat, too. I really like Snapchat because you get to see what people are doing right then and there. I think it’s cool to see how people are living their lives. And then I like Instagram because I like pictures. Instagram is great.

What’s your favourite emoji?

Olivia:  I love emojis! I use them for everything. I guess my favourite is the ‘heart eye’ emoji. I use that one a lot.

Madison: They added a lot of emojis in the last update, which was fun. Some of them look really different now, but I like the unicorn or the glasses emoji the most. The glasses look just like mine!

Would you be able to survive without your laptop or mobile phone?

Olivia:  I could do it. It would be a bit of an adjustment and it would be difficult, but it would be possible.

Madison: I think I’d be fine without my laptop, but I’d struggle without my mobile phone. You know what? I think I seriously need a break from my mobile! We were at an arcade yesterday and for 1,000 tickets you could win a ‘jail’ thing that you were able to lock your phone inside. I thought, ‘Hmmm… Maybe I need to get one of those?’ Maybe I should go back and try to win one?


BIZAARDVARK – Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark” stars Madison Hu as Frankie. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)

Who is your favourite blogger or vlogger?

Madison: My favourite vlogger is a YouTuber called Colleen Ballinger. I really like her.

Olivia:  Amanda Steele is great. Oh, and Eva Gutowski. We had Eva on our show, which was so much fun. In fact, we’ve had quite a few different social media stars turn up on Bizaardvark.  

Did you have any OMG moments with social media stars on your show?

Olivia: Well, it’s always fun to have guests on the show – and we’re always laughing. Did you know that our co-star Jake [Paul, who plays Dirk Mann in the show] is a real internet personality? He’s a proper social media star and I’m sure we’ve had OMG moments with him. We have the best time ever on the set of Bizaardvark!


Do you dream about becoming a successful social media star? Fancy yourself as a number one vlogger or blogger? Olivia and Madison share their top tips to help you on your way to social media stardom…


Olivia:  [Bizaardvark actor] Jake Paul is really famous on social media. It’s great to have him on set because he teaches us everything about the social media world and social media influences. Sometimes you don’t realise how tough people like Jake work, because you just see funny videos and think, ‘Oh, wow… That’s cool!’ But they work really, really hard. Hard work is definitely one of the biggest keys to social media success.


Madison: A lot of people do daily vlogs on YouTube and I’ve heard that’s really tough to keep up. It takes a toll on you after a while, so I think it’s important to pace yourself when you’re vlogging. Don’t push yourself for views. I see vloggers who are really tired because they are working so hard – but at times like that, it’s important to take a step back and breath. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun!


BIZAARDVARK – Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark” stars Olivia Rodrigo as Paige. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodin)


Olivia: When it comes to social media, Jake’s a big mentor to us. He said it’s important to find your niche. Blog about something that nobody else is covering. That’s a good idea if you want to stand out from other people online.


Madison: I think it’s a good idea to watch what other YouTubers are doing. Draw inspiration from other YouTubers because it’s such a big community – but make sure you credit anyone you use for inspiration. Don’t just copy them!


Olivia: It’s important to be consistent and be positive with your blog. Do it once a week or once every few days – but stick to the schedule. It’s a lot of work, but it’s important to try and be consistent with your posts. The internet can be a great place for inspiration and communicating with people in a positive way. 


Madison: When it comes to vlogging, I truly believe that practice makes perfect. Rehearse your video in front of a mirror at home. Do some practice sessions on camera before you start posting. The more comfortable you feel in front of the camera, the better it’s going to be.


Olivia: In Bizaardvark, there’s an episode about collabs (or collaborations). Paige and Frankie discover that it’s a great way to get more subscribers if you can work with a popular blogger and get them to introduce you to their followers. And vice-versa.


Madison: I’ve never vlogged, but I think it’s a cool thing to do. If I wanted to create a cool vlog, I’d make sure I changed up the content so that it’s not the same thing every week. It’s not interesting when you see a daily vlog and it’s just about a trip to the shops; it’s much more fun if you’re doing something different. Try doing challenges with your friends and mix it up.


Olivia: If you’re on camera, look at the lighting and make sure your face can be seen. If you want to get more followers on Instagram, use bright, fun colours that draw the eye. Cool, bright photos really stand out!


Madison: Sometimes people can’t take criticism. They feel like feedback is a little too harsh – but I think it’s a good thing to hear the opinions of other people. I love feedback. Feedback is great! It’s good to hear what other people like and don’t like about your work. Anything that’s going to help boost your subscribers is a positive thing in my eyes. Good luck!

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