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#1: Kiernan Shipka talks familiars…


#1: Kiernan Shipka talks familiars…

Kiernan Shipka, who plays Sabrina in the new Netflix series, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – launched on the 26th of October (not long now!) talked to TZ about her allergy to her cat familiar in the series, Salem. 

Salem, a rather vocal black cat, has traditionally been Sabrina’s familiar. Yet, it turns out that Kiernan is rather allergic to cats…HOWEVER, “I’d rather my allergy to the cat changes, than Sabrina had to go without Salem. He’s her perfect familiar.”

Having said that Kiernan went on to say, “I am pining for my German Shepherd. She’d be my real life familiar. I’m still hoping that she can appear in the series somewhere. She’s really pretty cool.” 

Let’s keep our eyes out for a German Shepherd familiar appearing in future episodes!

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