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10 signs he is into you


10 signs he is into you

Should you…maybe…maybe not! Does he like you? Is he throwing mixed messages your way? Keep our 10 top tips in mind when deciding whether to pursue him or not. 

  1. When you make eye contact, the pupils of his eyes enlarge. Experts say this happens when the brain responds to something it is attracted to. 
  2. His eyebrows are raised during a conversation. This happens subconsciously because he wants you to know he is interested in what you have to say.
  3. Huge grin! He definitely wants you to know he is having fun with you!
  4. He seems to lick his lips, not in a gross way, but cute and shy. Research has shown that if you are attracted to someone, you will produce more saliva. 
  5. The old-school romance of staring deep into someone’s eyes is no more, thanks to staring at phone screens all day. So if he spends at least 80% of your conversation looking from your eyes to your nose and lips, he’s into you. 
  6. If you catch him taking a deep breath when he sees you, then he is definitely into you. Why? Well, he does this subconsciously to pull in his tummy and puff out his chest, making him more desirable to you. 
  7. When you are casually chatting and he leans in to hear you better, he is reducing the space between you and is definitely interested. 
  8. Standing in front of you, he generally tends to put his hands on his hips or tucks them into his jeans pockets with elbows out. This means he wants you to notice him. 
  9. You have a dab of Oreo Krusher on your chin. He removes it for you. That is a huge sign. It means he would like to touch you, otherwise he would just tell you to wipe it off.
  10. When you walk, he matches your pace; this means he is interested in you. Unless you are in a noisy club scene, where he walks ahead of you to protect you. 

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