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3 New embarrassing stories…


3 New embarrassing stories…

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Ok, so I have a crush on my Asian friend at school. So I hang out with guys to make him jealous. One day after science, the bell rang. My heart began to pound because his class was now waiting outside the classroom. So I thought that if I walk out and I talk to my guy-friend in my class, he’ll see us as we walk out. But as I walk out, flirting and giving him playful shoves, my guy-friend pushes me so hard that I slip and almost fall. I knew it was only a playful thing because he always does that. But my crush and classmates started laughing. It was so embarrassing! I didn’t look back to see whether my crush was looking. I just rushed to our next class without looking back. Diva Fabulous

When I was at school one day, my group and I came across a group of boys who were really attractive. We said hello and everything, then I realised that the boys were staring at my boobs! I pulled up my bra, in front of them, and they all laughed when I walked away. When I went to the bathroom, I realised that they weren’t staring at my boobs. I had dry chocolate on my neck from earlier on. At break, I apologised to the boys and when I walked away again, they laughed even louder. Chocolate Chick

Last year I went to a holiday resort with my BFF. On a hot day we decided to go swimming to cool down a bit. She decided to lie on the sun bed while I did a few laps in the pool. I was scared to open my eyes underwater because it burned, so I would swim a length and then feel with my hands where the side of the pool was. Well, I was on my second lap, when a really cute boy got into the pool as well. And yes, my BFF didn’t bother trying to show me that he was directly in my path. So when it came to the end of my lap, I reached out my hand expecting the side of the pool, but all I could feel was this squishy and bulging thing… Yep, I grabbed him in the crotch! I flew out of the water and this guy was staring at me with this look of horror. He got out of the pool and never came back the whole time we were there. My BFF was killing herself laughing while I stood there with this dumb-a** look on my face! Eyes Closed Shut

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