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6 things to avoid eating on a dinner date


6 things to avoid eating on a dinner date

Fried food

Food like burgers, chips, doughnuts and fried chicken are definitely to be avoided if you want easy digestion. They take the body a lot longer to digest, on top of being mighty unhealthy.


Lay off salt and vinegar crisps, processed foods or added salt on your dinner, as it contains high amounts of sodium that cause water retention in the body. This can account for the heavy feeling you get after eating lots of salty food.


When you eat something spicy the body releases excess stomach acid, which can lead to intestinal irritation. This can make you uncomfortable.

Fizzy drinks

Nothing fizzy is allowed – not even sparkling water. Fizzy cold drinks contain bubbles of carbon dioxide. These bubbles create gas in the stomach and a feeling of bloating.


Foods like potatoes, maize, pasta, white bread, biscuits and wheat create gas as they re broken down in the large intestine and create bloating with the gas or through water retention.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum can make you swallow air which gets trapped in your stomach. It also often contains artificial sweeteners that contribute towards the bloating effect.

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