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A few days left to win a day with Dale Steyn


A few days left to win a day with Dale Steyn

Boys aged 8-14  have until 28 April to enter and stand a chance to win a Mentorship Day with Protea bowler Dale Steyn with Disney XD’s Aim High Campaign.

Dale fronts the third phase of Aim High, an exciting initiative designed by Disney XD (DStv Channel 304) to inspire a generation of kids to get the most out of life, try new things and be the best they can be. This time around, he Mentorship Day will be spent in London!

To enter, fans simply need to visit the Disney XD Aim High microsite* or go to MXit >Tradepost > Entertainment > Disney > Disney XD before 28th April and answer a multiple choice question and write a brief motivation on why they should be selected for this incredible opportunity to learn from an international cricket star. The winner will get to spend an unforgettable day learning the tricks of the trade direct from their mentor.


Dale Steyn Q & A:

What do you hope to achieve as an Aim High Mentor?

I hope to live up to what my mentors meant to me. When I’m approached by young kids, I always think back to my 13-year old self and then it comes naturally to want to help. I want to help lead somebody to something important.

What would you consider to be your top three tips for success in the South Africa sporting arena?

The more you polish your work the more it shines

Work hard


Go for it. Take a few chances

Currently, you are the Number One ranked test bowler in the world.  Do you ever get used to a title like that?

Yes and no – Sometimes it adds pressure and sometimes it is fantastic. Sometimes, when the chips are down, it gives you that extra mile to pull through. On a personal level it can get a bit much, but then you realize you are just a normal human being- just as anyone else.  At least you know you are doing something right

What motivates you every day?

I have natural energy. Every day I just want to be the best I can be. I strive to be the best, but I am not a sore loser. I can take second place if I have to.

What’s your best show on Disney XD?

I am love all the Marvel superhero’s seen in on Disney XD – Spider Man, Incredible Hulk, etc. People often say I am a little bit like the Hulk – although I am quite skinny, I have this big vein in my neck that stands out when I bowl –  just like the Hulk’s. Luckily I haven’t turned green yet J

Your involvement in this Campaign could change a young person’s life, how do you feel about that?

It’s great. I get approached by a lot of organisations but you cannot say yes to all of them, because you cannot fly too many kites at once. I am very happy to be the Main Mentor for Phase 3 of Aim High, as it is something I really wanted to do. I stand for the same values Disney XD has for this Campaign – being strong, loving what you do, doing what you love, working hard, setting your goals and Aiming High.

What is the best thing about being a Protea player?

I get paid to do something I really love. I am proudly South African as well.

Tell us about a day in the life of a Protea Player.

Wake up – Training. Sleep. Training and bowling, press interviews. Sleep.

Did you always want to become a professional Cricket Player, or what other career did you have in mind growing up?

Yes. I never thought it would happen but I got the chance and made the most of it.

How do you cope with the constant pressure to perform well on the field?

I train hard. This helps me to not crack under pressure.

What is your message for sport loving boys of South Africa?

Go for it. Enjoy it and take the gaps. Spend more time practicing. Do not waste any opportunities.

What is the one thing people do not know about Dale Steyn?

I am an Extreme Sports junky. I Love Skateboarding, Surfing and Mountain Biking.

What is in your food cupboard/pantry that people would never expect to have been there?

Lots of fruit. I Love a good smoothie.

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