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A story from a S.A. Belieber


A story from a S.A. Belieber

Lydia requested to write an article for all the Beliebers in S.A. and here it is. We couldn’t resist and thought the other Beliebers out there would enjoy this article too. Ed

Millions of teenagers all over the world have fallen in love with teen heart-throb, Justin Bieber. After hearing about his rise to fame and his life story for the first time in 2010, I too developed what is called “Bieber fever”.

Justin Drew Bieber was born and raised in Stratford, Canada and lived with his mother, a single parent who had him at the age of 18. His parents split when he was just 10 months old. He grew up loving music and began uploading videos onto Youtube through his Kidrauhl account for his family to watch no matter where in Canada they were. This is how he was discovered by Scooter Braun, his manager.

I can relate to Justin’s past and I know what it’s like to be the odd kid at school who can’t afford much and I know what it’s like to be doubted because of my age. Justin Bieber isn’t just a boy that I fell in love with because of his classic grey hoodie (from the One Time music video) or because of his irresistible smile and flawless hair-flip. I fell in love with his music and most of all his spirit. Just like Justin, I know what it’s like to not have money, I only have my mom to take care of me and I’m full of dreams and aspirations and will go through great lengths to pursue them. One of the many reasons I’m a belieber is because when I look at Justin, I see me and what I want to become. After giving us the classic “never say never” speech* after he sold out Madison Square Garden in 60 seconds (beating his previous performance that sold out in 22 minutes), I too have grown to have more faith. I don’t give up, I “Believe” and I “Never say never”.

His “Never say Never” speech: ‘I gotta tell you something, alright? It’s a little motto to live by. It basically goes like this: there’s going to be times in your life when people say you can’t do something, and there’s going to be times in your life when people say you can’t live your dreams, there’s going to be times in your life when people say you can’t sell out Madison Square Garden. This is what I tell them: Never say never”

Each Belieber has a story to share about why they love Justin. I have 2 short stories to share from 2 South African beliebers:

Anni: “Well it was at the end of last year, I was going through a really tough time, my parents got divorced and I was really depressed. It got to the point where I thought suicide was the only answer so when I was alone one day, I overdosed on pills. I wasn’t planning on telling anybody but right after I drank the pills, Be Alright started playing on my phone (I forgot to turn off my music) and as I listened to Justin sing “everything’s gonna be alright” I phoned my mom and told her what I did and she took me to the ER. I was in ICU for 2 days and when I got out of hospital I remember driving in the car listening to Be Alright and at the same time I tweeted Justin “Be Alright has seriously helped me thru so much these past few days without you knowing it. So thank you” and afterwards I decided to check what he’s been tweeting because I wasn’t allowed to go on my phone in the ICU and when I got on his profile, I saw my tweet there. I didn’t know he was online, and he saw my tweet out of 40 million tweets and RT’ed MY tweet. He gave me hope when I needed it the most.”

Kelly: “I love Justin for many reasons, one being that he is a caring and an inspirational idol. I have never looked up to someone as much as I do to Justin. He makes my dark days brighter and he is the reason I strive to do better in my dreams of writing and singing. His story inspires me to an immense extent. Justin is the epiphany of making it big when all odds were against him as in his initial struggle to get signed to a label just because he wasn’t supported by Disney or Nickelodeon. It’s simple, Justin is my idol because he saved me from my insecurities even though, to him, I’m just another Belieber… His music, his voice, his lyrics… They’re what I relate to through any situation”.

The media has painted a bad picture of Justin instead of helping him grow career-wise, I feel his actions get judged more often than necessary. He does go to parties and clubs and yes, he did smoke weed. Lots of rumours have been spread about him and the sad part is that people don’t ever give him a chance to defend himself.

Justin Bieber has donated billions of dollars to charity and is always willing to take time off his busy schedule to spend time with some of his ill fans such as the late Avalanna Routh, a brain cancer sufferer who passed away in 2012 at the age of 6. Justin has helped many organisations such as Pencils of Promise, Give Back Hollywood Foundation and Usher’s New Look Foundation, to name a few. He’s taken time to perform for his fans for free and has bought pizza and hot chocolate for fans waiting outside his hotel to meet him.

While many people say he’s heartless and doesn’t love his Beliebers, we disagree because we know a somewhat personal side of Justin. We know the goofy “prank master” Justin. We know the loving Justin. We know Justin the hard worker and we know the Justin that the media focuses on, the kid who makes mistakes and gets angry and upset just like everyone else. Beliebers are very protective of Justin and will do anything to protect him from hurt (like making a barrier of blankets between the paparazzi and Justin’s hotel to protect him from “media vultures”). His happiness means the world to us because when he’s happy, he inspires us. He’s helped Beliebers stop self-harm and has given us something to believe in. He’s encouraged us to keep going and to never forget to give back.

I could go on and on about how Justin an inspiration but I can’t get the world to love him. This is just an article written so that people can see that Justin’s not as bad as he’s made out to seem. He’s a kid with a big heart, a big voice and a big smile and we’d like to keep things that way. People make mistakes and no one’s perfect but before you claim to hate this 19 year old for being a “pot head” or “party animal”, take the time to figure him out. Beliebers are not crazed 12 year olds either. We’re simply inspired and in love with Justin Bieber and that’s how it’s always going to be.

South African Beliebers are ready for May 8 and 12 and we’re going to make sure that Justin enjoys his stay here. After about 3 years of fighting to bring the Believe Tour here through signing Twititions, tweeting Justin’s team, making Twitter trending topics and eventually making it onto some newspapers, Justin’s finally coming! Not only has being a Belieber encouraged strength, it’s brought together teens from across the world and turned us into a big family of over 30 million. We’re best friends and team mates and it doesn’t matter where one is from or how much Bieber merchandise one has. We are united.

Source on foundations Justin’s worked with:

Anni- co owner of @RSABELIEBERS

Kelly- one of my closest belieber “sisters”, @WritingforJB My Twitter name is @Jetset_forever

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