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‘…acting like we are in a relationship…’


‘…acting like we are in a relationship…’


I met this guy in my English class. We were in the same English class for two years in a row but for the first year I was dating someone else. In second year we started chatting more in class. We even had drawing competitions during our English class. One day after class he asked me if I would like to get something to drink. I immediately said yes. Everything has been great since then. We have had our first kiss and we speak to each other throughout the day every day. But the problem is that he insists that he wants to remain single even though we are acting like we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Am I wasting my time? Is he ever going to change his mind?

Dr Love


It sounds as if it is too early on to tell if you are wasting your time or not. The signs are good despite that one little red flag. That one little red flag can become a large red flag very quickly, however. It may be that he is serious about you but he is taking things slow for the benefit of you both. It may also mean that he is not ready for a commitment. If this is the case then it’s better to stay away. He will effectively enjoy all the benefits of the relationship without the commitment, if you let him. Distancing yourself from him may reveal his true intentions.  It is also not a good idea to force him into making a commitment. This may come back to haunt you in the future.



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