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Actress – Reneilwe from ‘Rhythm City’


Actress – Reneilwe from ‘Rhythm City’

Actress - Reneilwe from 'Rhythm City'

Actress – Reneilwe from Rhythm City

Meet 23-year-old Amo (Amogelang) Chidi who is an actress, singer and dancer born on 5 February (Happy birthday Amo!). Amo has been acting for eight years now and you will know her as Reneilwe on the South African soapie Rhythm City on

What are your working hours?

It varies every day, depending on the number of scenes and also the speed that we are going at. It could be anywhere from three hours to a 12-hour day.

Are there any ‘glamorous’ aspects to your job?

Yes, I get to go to really great events and parties and play dress-up. I get great star treatment and a whole lot of freebies.

 What are the mundane aspects?

There aren’t any. I don’t take what I do as a job, I feel like I get paid to do something that I really enjoy. So every day I look forward to going to work.

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What are some of the personality attributes required to make a great actress?

You need to have a lot of discipline, be a hard worker, have a positive attitude and be able to work well with other people.

Are there different types of acting a person could get involved with?

Television, film and theatre.

Where and what did you study for this career?

I majored in musical theatre, music and dance at TUT (Pretoria).

What entry-level requirements should I have to qualify to study?

To get into most drama institutions, you need to audition with the following:

  1. A monologue
  2. Sing two songs
  3. A dance routine

When you do go for this audition, go with the utmost of confidence and passion. Remember they look for whether you actually have talent or not. And it could make or break your chances of getting in.

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Breakdown of the subjects I can expect to learn/study.

History of art, music theory, drama theory, different styles of acting and dancing, physical exercise and English.

What would be the best way to get started as an actress?

Watch a lot of movies and plays. Even if you do have your qualification in acting, keep going for acting lessons to better yourself and your talent. You can never stop learning. Talent starts off as a small seed; it’s up to you to just try your best to nurture it and grow your talent.

Actress - Reneilwe from 'Rhythm City'

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Just breaking into the industry is a huge highlight for me. I am very happy where I am right now, but I know that I can be and do better.

How could I become an international actress?

Get an education. Find and join an agency that may have international contacts and just aim BIG!

What can I expect to earn in this career?

It really varies on the role you’re playing and the type of show you’re playing in.

What is the market like in terms of jobs and competition?

Jobs are scarce and competition is high. That’s why you really need to be passionate and know that this is really what you want to do. The fame and the money should really be the last thing on your mind. Let this be something that is part of you.

Any other information you feel teens should know about this career?

Don’t chase money or fame, chase your dream.

Any tips for teens who want to pursue your career?

Get an education. Keep learning. Work hard!

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