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Album review: Fistaz Mixwell – Mixwell Addictiv


Album review: Fistaz Mixwell – Mixwell Addictiv

This experienced house DJ from Mafikeng has started to make a name for himself in the South African house music scene and it is clear to see why when you listen to this album. 10 albums down the line, Fistaz has created this album by drawing on his travels and experiences with different cultures.

Mixwell Addictiv starts out with the smooth beats of Love Will Save the Day and doesn’t deviate from there with constant beats and chilled vibes. Make a point of listening to one of the better songs on the album, Hade Mabebeza, by artist Vaalsow, which has created waves on many radio stations.

This is the type of music that would be played in a sophisticated lounge – its chilled out and throbbing beats will relax anyone. Fistaz is known for his swaggering deep house beats and this is what the album brings. This is only recommended to big fans of deep house, as the tracks are very repetitive and have few lyrics and variation, though this will likely be the norm for you if deep house is one of your favourite genres.

This is a 13 track album and seems to be split into two different kinds of house – the tracks filled with lazy, deep beats and the house tracks that will make people dance. If you enjoy his slot on Metro FM, or if you love deep house, then give this a try. You might like the local twist and will enjoy some of the tracks that have been receiving airplay on our local radio stations. Fistaz has been quoted saying that the album has a “feel-good factor” and listeners will most definitely pick up on this.

Courtney Cullis

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