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Album Review: Green Day’s ‘Dos!’


Album Review: Green Day’s ‘Dos!’

Green Day – Dos!

The Green Day boys have been very busy! This is their tenth studio album, and the second in their ‘Uno!’ ‘Dos!’ ‘Tres!’ trilogy.

As veteran musicians, we expect a lot from Green Day, and this album doesn’t disappoint. The album is however, quite different to the usual pop punk delivered by the band, and has been described as their attempt at producing garage rock. It can also be a bit repetitive from time to time, and when playing the CD through, you occasionally don’t realise that the next song has started playing.

This particular album isn’t ground-breaking or revolutionary, but contains a number of catchy songs which Green Day fans will love. See You Tonight is reminiscent of Time of Your Life, with a simple guitar backing which relies purely on Billie Joe Armstrong’s powerful and distinctive vocals.

The second track F-Woo Time (Clean Version) is definite smash hit material with its catchy beats and humorous lyrics, while Amy is a poignant ballad lamenting the passing of icon Amy Winehouse and which shows a softer side of the band. Nightlife is something completely different and features Lady Cobra from the band Mystic Knights of the Cobra rapping on the song.

This album is good overall and is a much better effort than its predecessor. There are more classic Green Day tracks and this album will be listened to for longer. The albums will be accompanied by Quatro!, a documentary to be released after the trilogy of albums has been released; so if you’re a Green Day fan, keep an eye out for this. Overall, this is a nice complement to part one of the trilogy and Green Day enthusiasts won’t be disappointed.

Courtney Cullis

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