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Alone Architect and Kassia Vera recreate CryWolf’s “QUIXØTE”


Alone Architect and Kassia Vera recreate CryWolf’s “QUIXØTE”

We both feel incredibly connected to this song as if it’s one of our own. It’s really such a hauntingly beautiful piece of music and it was an incredibly special experience getting to know this song in a much more personal way and put our own emotions into it.”  – Alone Architect & Kassia Vera.

Expanding Crywolf’s OBLIVION [Reimagined] series is a joint recreation of “QUIXØTE” from Alone Architect and Kassia Vera. Together, they capitalize on the pure vulnerability in Crywolf’s original, creating an arrangement that honors without straying far from the raw emotions felt.

Alone Architect is the moniker of songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Feldman. For this release, he enlisted assistance from vocalist and visual artist Kassia Vera to create the chillingly cinematic soundscapes heard in this recreation of “QUIXØTE.” Something else to note: this cover is the first release ever from Kassia Vera; this joint effort marking the first of many musical collaborations to come.

In approaching this reimagined version of ‘QUIXØTE,’ it was really important for us to explore the vulnerability & intimacy present at the song’s core”, explained Alone Architect & Kassia Vera. “There’s so much nuance, emotion and vulnerability in his (Crywolf’s) music that our focus was to really strip back the song to what we felt was it’s sacred core, and aim to just honor and explore those elements in as emotive and dynamic a way as possible.  We knew we wanted this rendition to be pretty organic sounding & it quickly became it’s own thing.

The OBLIVION [Reimagined] series has seen revamped versions of tracks from Crywolf’s recent studio album, widow [OBLIVION pt. 1]. Alone Architect and Kassia Vera’s remix of QUIXØTE” joins remixes from Mielo (“DRIP“) LEViT∆TE (“ULTRAVIOLENT Pt. II“), RONiiT (“FOREIGN TONGUES“), and more.

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