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Another celeb bites the dust!


Another celeb bites the dust!

What has happened to healthy, wholesome Amanda Bynes? You may recognise her from her movies She’s The Man and Hairspray. She did really well for herself in acting, but decided in June 2010 to retire from her acting career, which started when she was 13, in 1999 with her very own variety show called The Amanda Show.

Last year she moved to New York City to fulfill her dream of becoming a fashion designer, but has yet to produce anything to the public.

What has happened instead is that she has seemed to have ‘lost’ it with reports of her in the media of drunken driving, driving into a police patrol car while she was under the influence and having her car impounded and driver’s licence suspended.

She seems to have taken solace in another drug … weed. This has gotten out of hand too. The doorman who works at the apartment building where she lives had to phone the police because Amanda was smoking a joint in the lobby. When the police knocked on her 36th-floor apartment door, she opened for them, and they could smell the weed in her apartment. She then threw a bong she was using to smoke weed out the window.

Amanda was arrested on the spot for criminal possession of marijuana, reckless endangerment and tampering with evidence.

Is Amanda following in ill-fated Lindsay Lohan’s heels? We hope not!


Image: S Bukley

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