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Anti-bullying action


Anti-bullying action

Bullying is an epidemic that plagues our schools today. Every single day young people harm, and even kill themselves, due to the discrimination they feel at the hands of their peers, educators, parents and people they do not even know. It is time that this stopped. Schools have been teaching us about respect and standing up to bullies, but unless we as young people tackle the issue head on, no amount of work by teachers will help. We have drafted this letter for you to present to the teachers at your school. It is a statement to describe your stance on bullying and is merely there as a template for you to utilize. Adults respond to our reasoned input, and we need to ensure that when it comes to important issues that are affecting our generation we provide that input. We have voices that need to be heard.


Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am giving you this letter as it is important to me that this school becomes a bully-free school. I am not simply referring to bullying in terms of the actions of students against students but also the actions of teachers against students. As young people it is important that we are free to be who we are, and provided we are not breaking the rules, we deserve to have our uniqueness respected. I will not tolerate being made to feel less than I am by anyone at this school, be they my peer or my senior.

My appearance may not be what other people wish it to be, and my ideas and conclusions may differ from your own. I may not always do as well as I should do in my academic work, or in sports, or performances. This does not make me less of a person. Everybody has bad days and everybody has their own unique strengths. 

 This school is important to me. I am proud of it, and I want to be a valued member of its community. I am hence writing this letter with a view to simply stating that, whilst I promise to abide by the rules, I will not be made to feel uncomfortable for being who I am. Similarly, I promise never to make anyone else feel uncomfortable for being who they are. If I witness bullying or discrimination of any kind, I will report it, as I understand that the bystander culture can be in and of itself more damaging than the bullying culture that spawns it. I will respect all individuals involved and associated with my school and will look out for, and if necessary seek help for, any individuals that seem to be struggling.

 I am proud to be myself, and I am proud to be a member of this school community.

 Thank you for your time


If you have any comments on this letter or believe that it needs amending in any way then please let us know. Similarly, if you wish to send this letter to your school, please let us know that you have done so. It really helps if we can compile a list of schools where pupils have taken action, so that we know which schools still need to be targeted. Finally, we would love to hear what you think we can do here at TeenZone to really step up the fight against bullying. If you have any ideas, let us know!

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