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Are adult colouring books for you?


Are adult colouring books for you?

Just when you thought your colouring days were behind you, adult colouring books hit the market HARD. Many of the original purchasers were stressed, middle-aged adults, looking for solace from their crazy-busy lives, but, hey, teen-life is flipping stressful too, and some of the latest books on the market are leaving us a little jealous. With school holidays upon us, now seems as good a time as any to get your colouring habit established, ready for next year’s school stress, so sharpen those old pencils and find yourself a colouring book…

Colouring in has been said, by therapists, to help us to achieve that much sought after mindfulness, to banish anxiety and perhaps even to help work through trauma. Some therapists believe that creating the designs yourself in the first place can be even more beneficial – so if you’re handy with a pencil, get drawing before you do the colouring in. Pursuing some kind of artistic hobby can help people’s mental and physical health, and it seems colouring in fits the bill as an ‘artistic hobby’. You need to do the drawing of the pattern or image for it to be considered ‘true art’ apparently, but the art crowd are a tough one – and who cares what anyone labels our colouring in if we’ve created a pretty picture and found a bit of zen in the process!?

In essence – find yourself a book, or download some zen doodles from the internet, and get scribbling.


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