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Are you keen on a career in copywriting?


Are you keen on a career in copywriting?

The advertising industry is facing an imminent shortage of skilled copywriters. Copywriting may be the perfect profession for you, so read on and find out more about Vega Alumni Kyle Jacobson, a qualified copywriter

Copywriting: Is the act of writing copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing a product, business, person, opinion or idea (Wikipedia). The reader of your message is meant to be persuaded to buy the product advertised.

As a copywriter you may help create direct mail, jingle lyrics, web page content, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, billboards, brochures as well as content for social-networking sites.

Name and surname Kyle Jacobson
What did you study and where do you work? After completing my BA in Creative Brand Communications at Vega School of Brand Leadership in 2011, I joined TBWAHuntLascaris as a Copywriter.

What did you love most about your field of study at Vega? I loved the fact that there was never a right or wrong answer to anything. We were taught to be creative, to always be on our toes, and constantly think of new ways to push boundaries.

You recently won a Gold Loerie in the collateral design category, a craft certificate for design and another craft certificate for writing, can you tell us more about your entry?

I did a project based on something I’m good at, procrastination. Everybody procrastinates; I developed a new, fresh way to look at it. Looking at the positives of a ‘problem’ and turning them into a solution. I created a box of 50 individually engraved pencils, each engraved with a different way to procrastinate. The idea was to promote procrastination so that it can ultimately result in ideation, therefore using the problem as the solution. So, before you’re allowed to treat yourself to your chosen means of procrastination, you’d have to write down at least one idea with that pencil. For example; if I wanted to check the fridge for milkshakes, I’d find the ‘check the fridge for milkshakes’ pencil, and jot down an idea. Over time you’ll be able to see what areas you procrastinate in the most. The more you procrastinate, the more you use that pencil, the shorter it gets.

What would your advice be to a young person contemplating going into the industry?

Just do it! But be prepared for sleepless nights, lots of caffeine and lots of hard work. Sometimes it may seem like a breeze, but it’s anything but. Also don’t be afraid to take risks, stand your ground, back your ideas and represent yourself. If you believe in something enough, make it happen.

Advertising is a cut throat industry; you have to always be on your toes. Don’t be soft, not everyone is going to agree with you, so you have to learn how to take criticism. Question yourself all the time, but never doubt yourself.

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