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Ashlinn Gray celebrates ‘self love’ in new single Best Friend


Ashlinn Gray celebrates ‘self love’ in new single Best Friend

It’s been a year and a half since Ashlinn Gray moved to the States and began hustling the streets of LA. From performing at Hotel Cafe to the Viper Room, rated as some of the best venues to catch the top up and coming artists, she has found her way in a city that is full of broken dreams.

Her new single ‘Best Friend’, is about learning to love oneself in times when you don’t really feel like it. Celebrating self love and compassion, Ashlinn Gray shows a new found maturity and richness in her music that’s bound to capture her audience’s attention. Mixed with catchy beats and sing-a-long choruses, there’s no doubt this song is meant for radio.

She explains, “I started off wanting to write this song about losing a best friend. Through the process of writing it, I realised that in order to have or be a best friend, you have to be your own bestie. Self love is often over looked and sometimes loving your self is the answer to your problems. Somehow we learn insecurity and our confidence is lost when we should be proud of who we are and our story.”

She continues,“We’ve all thought at some point ‘everybody sucks but me’ and I wanted to celebrate loving who you are for every flaw and imperfection. We need to be kinder to ourselves.”

Always building resilience in the face of adversity, she has experienced tremendous growth both musically and emotionally, and for our benefit, she often penned these emotions into songs. After her last single ‘STFU’ and collaboration on ‘Resurrection’ with Luke Gawne, Ashlinn plans to release a new song every two months in this year. Ashlinn can’t wait to share the music she has been brewing up in Los Angeles.

Ashlinn Gray will start 2020 off with a new song “Best Friend” released on Valentines Day— the perfect day to celebrate #SELFLOVE. She will also be participating in this season of American Idol.

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