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Important: free online chat with a psychiatrist this Friday!


Important: free online chat with a psychiatrist this Friday!

“Ask The Expert About Your Mental Health” – FREE Online Chat With Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist

Facebook Friday 11th May At 1pm & 7pm

Do you leave your Doctor’s appointment filled with more questions about your Depression or Anxiety ? Do you sometimes feel like it’s silly to ask all the questions you have about symptoms and side effects that you are experiencing? Join SADAG’s Facebook Friday on 11 May for FREE online Q&A for expert Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist answering all your questions about your symptoms, treatment, medication, Support Groups and where to go for help.

“Depression and Anxiety are illnesses defined by loneliness and despair. Those who experience their symptoms may feel trapped and hopeless. By asking questions and engaging in mental wellness conversation, one may start to break the chains of these diagnoses.” says Psychiatrist, Dr Kim Laxton.

SADAG is giving Facebook users the opportunity to get free online help with Mental Health Experts that they wouldn’t normally get a chance or time to ask their doctor or therapist. People also get the chance to ask questions on behalf of their loved ones who live with a Mental Illness –they too have questions and need support.
Facebook Friday FREE Online Q&A on 11 May will be held by Psychiatrist Dr Kim Laxton chatting at 1pm – 2pm, and Clinical Psychologist Dessy Tzoneva will continue and finish off the discussion from 7pm – 8pm.

To join the chats, LIKE SADAG’s Facebook Page: The South African Depression and Anxiety Group or go to Facebook Users that would like to remain anonymous can send a private email to and SADAG will ask on their behalf.

For free telephonic counselling call 0800 21 22 23 and a counsellor will help you or visit our website

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