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Hi everyone!

We’ve set up this page to allow you to ask Dr Lizzie ANY questions you want to know the answer to. You don’t need to give us your name but if you want a reply please put in a valid e-mail address. Your question will not be posted on the website unless it is generally helpful and could assist everyone. If this is the case your question will be changed to make it completely unidentifiable (i.e. nobody will know which school it came from/who wrote it/the real names of any of the people featured in the message). Basically, nobody will ever know you asked the question! You can ask anything – worry free! So get asking!

Important! If you are feeling sad, desperate, lonely and want to talk to somebody, please contact:

SADAG 011 234 4837 or Childline 08 000 55 555

As you are able to be ‘anonymous’ on here, we are unable to assist you properly with serious issues. Please understand that if you need urgent help or help regarding an issue that is making you very unhappy, please contact SADAG or Childline. This question page is designed to allow you to ask for questions where you would like advice e.g. about sex, boyfriends/girlfriends, social media use etc. It cannot deal with crisis situations.

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