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Avoiding Procrastination


Avoiding Procrastination

By Natasa Popovic

We all get that feeling, when we have a massive amount of work that needs to be done, that even Atlas wouldn’t manage to balance it all and instead of pushing through we decide to take a nap. While this may happen often, it usually doesn’t come at the right time. Stress no more, below are a few suggestions that may help motivate you to get back to work.

  1. Music – play your ultimate hype-up jam!

Whether you’re a party animal, gym-bunny or music fanatic, there is always that one song that really makes you feel fantastic and gives you that can-do-anything mentality. Play that song and use those feelings to generate motivation towards working. Listen to the music in the background to help maintain and improve focus as well as your mood!

  1. Self-motivation

A suggested technique is the 20-10-minute method. This requires 20 minutes of continuous work and then a 10-minute break, alternatively use the 40-20-minute method. This may not sound like a lot of time, but you can get a lot done, when you know you have a break coming up: ‘just 40 minutes and then I can watch that movie’. You may not even end up watching the movie because you’ve been feeling great about the work you are getting done, and have entered ‘the zone’. Our brains work more towards immediate rewards rather than long term payoffs and so this method works as ideal brain trickery.

  1. Think ahead

Think about that dream holiday, graduation ceremony or even just that party you’ve been looking forward to this weekend… Having a future goal in mind that you rely upon and replay in your mind, will give you that extra little boost to finish that assignment.

  1. Exercise

Often, I am told that when I am in a rut I should go for a walk or something. A WALK WILL NOT STOP YOUR MIND FROM THINKING ABOUT ALL THE WORK YOU NEED TO DO. This is why I recommend putting on your gym clothes and actually doing that session you’ve been dreading. Running at the gym keeps your brain that bit more preoccupied, and the endorphins that are released will make you feel great and motivated to get more things done during the rest of the day.

  1. Switch-up the work you are doing

Focusing on the same subject or same assignment can make you lack motivation and not allow you to do your best work but working with 2 or 3 different subjects at one time gives your brain new stimulation, and can serve as motivation.

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