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Baking banana bread


Baking banana bread

We don’t know about you, but here at TZ, we’ve been struggling with the ups and downs of quarantine. Some days we’re loving lockdown life, and others we’re wailing into our pillows. Life right now is not super easy, and there doesn’t seem to be much that is certain for us to hold on to.

HOWEVER, one big thing we are quite convinced of is that EVERYONE who is EVERYONE is loving on banana bread 🍌. A ridiculous amount. Nobody can need this much banana bread in their life. Or can they?

Anyway, we wanted to be cool and buck the trend, doing our own thing etc, etc, but then today we broke, and baked. And my, it was fun!

Our banana bread is probably not going to win any culinary awards – and we 100% did NOT take any photos 📸 for Insta, but we can recommend having a go. Fun and delicious, and just the fact that it contains fruit made us feel healthy…So, get baking and enjoy…

We went with the recipe from BBC Good Food, and can recommend it, but there are LOADS of different sites out there, so check them out too!


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