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Barely there make-up


Barely there make-up

Contrary to what most ladies think, guys are generally not into girls that wear heaps of make-up. You are naturally beautiful and you shouldn’t hide behind a tonne of make-up. Let your inner beauty shine through by mastering the art of barely there make-up. Once you have this down, you’ll take max five mins to get ready in the morning. 


With the introduction of BB creams, there is no need to apply thick foundations and powders which ultimately leave you with that chin line that many ladies forget to blend in. BB creams are tinted moisturisers and are a lot lighter than regular foundations. This means your skin can actually breathe – which stops the dreaded spots appearing after wearing too much make up for too long!

You apply these products like you would any other moisturiser: place little dots on your forehead, the tip of your nose, your left and right cheek and your chin. Then blend into the face area making sure to cover all areas, including down the neck area. Look for a product with oil control and that suits your skin tone. 


Blusher was invented to highlight cheekbones because the higher the cheekbones, the longer and more slender your face appears. Don’t make the mistake though of layering it on. It is best to look for a blusher that is a few shades darker than your own skin and then apply one layer at a time. You should apply from the middle of your cheek, in line with your nose and use gentle upwards strokes in the direction of the tips of your ears. 


There are few people who can really carry off the cat-eye look and mascara is the best and quickest way to make your eyes stand out. If you would like to start using eyeliner, keep these tips in mind:

  • Less is always more
  • You want to accentuate the eye
  • When you start using eyeliner, draw a think line just above your eyelashes and then fill in the gaps that may appear with your liner
  • Start off with an eye pencil as it is more accurate and steadier than an eyeliner brush
  • Use a brown shade until your get it, then move on to black and other colours
  • If you have applied too much eyeliner, moisturiser or an earbud removes make-up well


For the barely there make up look, the colour you use on your lips is important. Choose a colour one shade darker than your natural lip tone and you should be all set. Tinted gloss is always a great idea to accentuate your lips but don’t go for the thick and gloopy look – be sparing with the amount you use!

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