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Beats By Dre Pro headphones


Beats By Dre Pro headphones

Beats Pro headphones might look amazing and be really popular, but are they worth their marked price of about R3000?

First off, the build quality is really good. The headphones feels solid and sturdy, definitely nothing like those cheap plastic flea market headphones. You can feel that the money will probably be justified.

Second, Beats Pro ‘phones are really comfy. We have noticed that the cheaper Skullcandy headphones have similar properties but they hurt your ears after a half an hour or so.

The headphone bass is fantastic, you literally feel like you are inside a hall when wearing it although it’s not that clear at higher volumes.

Beats By Dre products definitely have good quality overall, you hear exactly what the artist of the song you’re listening to wants you to hear. That’s a big thumbs up! But unless you are a budding DJ or audiophile, you can get what you are looking for from regular R500 Skullcandys.

These Beats By Dre Pro cans has especially exceptional sound reproduction with music from the pop and rap genres so if you are willing to pay extra for only these two genres … be my guest. We’d rather buy Skullcandy’s cheaper headphones. You get much the same build quality at a sixth of the Beats Pro’s price.

Just because your favorite celebrity wears it doesn’t mean it’s the best solution for your ears or your wallet. People usually think that these headphones are the best of the best but you can get a decent alternative for a fraction of the price.

Ludolf Burger

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