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Not only do we as teenagers or young adults have a couple of problems with our looks, such as our hair or our weight, remember that celebrities do too! Don’t fear, I have found a few celebrity secrets!

Reese Witherspoon seems to have the same problem with her hair as many girls do. Her hair tends to “puff” up. But how does her hair seem to look great? Well, she manages it with castor oil to calm it down and keep the “puff” away.

We’ve all seen Britney Spears pimples in the past at least once, but lately they have seemed to have been looking better. What’s her secret to keeping the blemishes at bay? Well she boils a big pot of herbal lemon tea and then she steams her face with it. The herbal tea clears clogged pours and also treats the blemishes.

Celebrities have the same problems as we do, so never think they are always looking as good as they did in a photo-shoot and you never know how much of it is photo-shopped (image improved with various design programmes)!

BY: Emma Wrede


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