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Beauty tip: Messy mascara


Beauty tip: Messy mascara

We’ve all experienced the nightmare that is smudged mascara, and/or ended our day looking like Kung-Fu Panda, so WHAT, pray tell, must be do about it?!

Use an eyeshadow primer

Who knew these even existed? But it turns out that they must certainly do, and better still they definitely work! Use the eyeshadow primer powder to stop your eyelids getting oily, which breaks down the mascara and causes that ‘what day of the week is it’ smudged look.

Use a gift card

Yes, yes, you heard us right. Use an old gift card as a protective ‘guard’ when applying your mascara. Press it onto the eyelid and brush your lashes against it. This not only beats the blobbiness but also creates some added oomph! What’s not to love?

Wear a lash primer

Again – another product we had NO IDEA existed until we started writing this feature, yet it turns out you can get them at all of your favourite stores. Lash primers are designed to make your mascara stick to your lashes better, which means less smudge. Love it.

Clean that brush

We’d have listed this first if it wasn’t so darn messy to do, but cleaning your mascara wand before you use it really does work to reduce clumpiness. It just also loses quite a bit of that all important mascara, but in our campaign to ‘beat the (mascara) blob’ it’s a risk we’re willing to take.

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