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Beauty vlogger makes her concealer out of crayons


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Beauty vlogger makes her concealer out of crayons

Beauty vlogger Rady Kovacova posted a video on Instagram of herself making concealer out of leftover finishing powder, moisturizer, and crayons. The discovery went viral and the video was captioned: “When you run out of concealer but pay day is too far away.”

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So how did she do it? Rady scraped the last of her Nyx HD Finishing Powder into a heat-proof bowl and added Glamglow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer, Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream, and pieces of peach, yellow and white crayons. Rady held the bowl over a lit candle to melt the crayons, stirred the mixture together, then poured it back into the empty Nyx powder container. She then refrigerates the mixture for about an hour.

And it worked surprisingly well! Rady herself was just as impressed by the results but  dermatologists have warned against using ingredients like school supplies in place of your actual makeup and skincare products. They’re not subjected to the same FDA oversight that cosmetics are, and they can potentially be harmful when applied to the skin — particularly around your eyes, where your skin is very thin. So, in other words, it’s cool but you shouldn’t do it.

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