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The Beautyblender is a revolutionary makeup sponge that is latex free and also non-allergenic. The product’s slogan is fittingly known as ‘makeups best friend’. It is the world’s first edgeless makeup sponge that ensures flawless application of any complexion products. When it is wet the egg-shapped sponge doubles in size. There are no makeup lines left after application and it wastes less product. It was invented by top Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva.


There are six different Beautyblenders in the range:

  • original
  • nude
  • pro
  • pure
  • beauty.blusher

Some of them are available in South Africa but others need to be ordered online. It’s a little pricey at around R300 for a sponge but it lasts for nearly three months if it is cleaned properly. A fun fact is that Beautyblender is a 5X Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.


To Clean: Wet your Beautyblender and apply a coin-sized amount of BeautyBlender cleansing liquid to the soiled areas. Gently work into a lather, rinse, and if necessary, repeat. Be sure to squeeze out all the excess water, and that you thoroughly rinse out all the cleanser liquid. Keep your sponge in a well-ventilated area to dry.


Unfortunately, like most products, Beautyblender has been replicated. The resemblance between the original and the fake Beautyblender is ridiculous but there are tells. Fakes are sold on Amazon, Ebay or other unauthorised outlets. The fake also doesn’t have the Allure Seal. All Beautyblenders are hand-cut in USA (hence the price) so the fakes’ shape is a little off. The sponge should feel exactly like you remember when you first received your Original Beauty Blender, 3 months ago. The texture of the original is velvety smooth so that is also a tell sign. A fake will also not double in size when it is wet. The Beautyblender only comes in specific colours so if you have a colour that is not on their list of products then it’s most probably a fake, sorry…

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