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Here’s the deal: the internet has become an ugly place. Social media is full of snarky comments, body shaming and general nasties. It’s time we changed this.

Many of us spend a lot/too much time on social media. It would be much healthier for us if that space that we dedicate so much of our lives too, was a happier, smile-ier and more positive zone. We’re not talking 45 videos of cats and rainbows before breakfast, but we are saying that we congratulate our friends on their achievements, we say “thanks” when we should and we give words of encouragement to the people who are putting themselves out there.

So this is the challenge – for the next 30 days, every single time you go online the first thing you have to do is something positive. It might be that you say something kind, or you like someone’s post or you re-post some cheerful content. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how you do it. Be inventive.

So, essentially, before you go online and start stalking your ex to find out if he is ‘really’ dating that new chick, you say or do something nice. Anything you like. To anyone. But it has to be positive. You can then return to your stalking and general unpleasantness, but at least you’ll have started your session positively. And this applies on WhatsApp too (which is counted as a form of social media). If someone sends you a grumpy message on WhatsApp, before you reply send something nice to someone else. Just try it.

Let’s give it a go. Spread the word. #BeKindOnline

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