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By Ntsako Mlambo

The year 2019 has arrived and with it we pray that it carries a redeeming spirit. A great way to start the year is with a little upliftment. One elementary way of doing this can be through music, as music not only remains a jive and beat within our limbs, but is also a language that speaks to the soul.

A South African musical duo that is famously known as Darkie Fiction, fully grasps the idea of upliftment in their groovy song, Bhoza. A song that reaffirms the concept of being your own boss no matter what. This is something we need to take in as the youth because we tend to lose ourselves in a lot of things and we often find it hard to navigate with our own unique voices. Let the Darkie Fiction, Bhoza song be a reminder that there is a huge amount in you and that there is a lot of fiery energy that the youth holds, and the world needs to see. And remember – you are a Bhoza.

Become the fire by Ntsako Mlambo

You are the fire that has been burning

Before the birth of age

And still you remain

The world has tried to put you out with storms and rain

But you still remain

Forever so bright

I guess the Lord did you right

When he put others to sleep

He, he told you to stay awake

Because your flames were so alive

Like the souls that slipped away into heaven during the night

He never wanted you to die

So he made the stars fade away

Not to your demise

But he just wanted you to be the light that you are

So shine…

Remain the fire that you are

Because you have been burning since before the birth of age

Bhoza (Official music video)


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