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Book Club: Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson


Book Club: Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson

We have just finished the excellent novella, Edgedancer, by Brandon Sanderson. For those of you familiar with the series the book fits perfectly between the Words of Radiance and Oathbringer, and focusses on a little known character called Lift, a young Knight Radiant. For those of you who are new to Brandon Sanderson’s books – fear not – no prior knowledge is needed to enjoy this short book. 

The book follows the adventures of Lift, who three years previously had asked a goddess to stop her from growing older – a wish that she believed the goddess had granted. Yet, now, barely a teenager, she comes to realise that time stands still for no-one – not even her. 

The young Azish emperor grants Lift safe haven from her executioner Darkness after she saves his life, but the life in the court with the emperor squashes Lift’s free spirit, and she escapes. Always looking for an adventure, when she hears that Darkness is pursuing more and more people with special talents like hers she goes to help them. Darkness hunts predominantly in Yeddaw, where the downtrodden have no leader and no champion. Lift arrives determined to be the hero they so badly need. She knows that if she does not step up and help them, no one will. In the midst of this Lift matures and starts to understand her desire to run for what it really is. She is challenged by the people she meets and the situations in which she finds herself to really examine herself and to see that maybe growing older and experiencing time like others is not the worst thing in the world…

The book is a great work of fantasy fiction, and is pretty unputdownable. We finished it in one night! The story-line is fast paced and full of climactic scenes, yet there are also moments of deep philosophy lurking in and amongst the action. For those of you who have previously enjoyed Brandon Sanderson’s books – you won’t be disappointed, and for those of you who are new to his writings – this makes a great introduction!

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