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Book review: Bridget Jones’s Baby


Book review: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Bridget Jones’s Baby is a witty rendition of the struggles that a somewhat 40 year old lady is faced with. Bridget has been successful in her chosen career but finds herself wanting. She revels in the malicious gossip of the ladies who have husbands and babies and cannot fathom why she lacks both at her age.

The novel is an effortless read. It flows easily and does not require much thinking. It almost seems that the end of the novel is reached all too soon. The novel allows readers both young and old to delve into the clumsy yet realistic world of Bridget. She finds herself torn between Daniel and the infamous Mark Darcy. Daniel displays conceited tendencies but his charm can’t be ignored. Darcy displays all the qualities of a typical British Alpha male and although he cannot express his feelings as confidently as Daniel can he, at the heart of it, craves love and affection.

Will the baby bump be the start of her happy ending? Or is her happy ending truly cheesy potatoes? So many questions and so many answers, none of which we will be providing for you…

Baby Jones's Baby


By: Laila Abramjee

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