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Book Review: ‘The Secret Garden’ by Katie Fforde


Book Review: ‘The Secret Garden’ by Katie Fforde

The reason I was all the more eager to read this release was because I have always been a fan of the Secret Garden story. I had to see if this Secret Garden matched up to my expectations of a story by a different author, but still with the same title.

I have to start with saying that it was a wonderful read, from start to finish. It truly made me believe in love and happy ever afters. You will want to go out and smell the roses after reading this one.

Secret GardenThe story revolves around the lives of two working friends, Phily and Lorna. Both girls are constantly linked to friends and family yet neither have opened the door to their heart. As the two friends embark on the journey of lifetime, facing many thorns along their path, they un-expectantly stumble across an ancient and secret garden.

The garden introduces change. The question remains: Will it complicate their lives further or will the garden change their outlook on love?

Honestly: I was disappointed at how late the garden, which I believed was the main element of the story, made an appearance in the story. However, Fforde is such a delightful author whose stories are always enjoyable. I liked that it was an easy read and one I could read while on a trip with the family. I didn’t need to concentrate too much as the love story was somewhat predictable. 

By: Laila Abramjee

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