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Booking your driving test


Booking your driving test

By Saskia Steyn

So, you turned 17 and you’re dying to get that Learner’s License out of the way so you can hit the roads. With the promise of this independence ahead of you, it is easy to get excited, but before you can become a fully-fledged-roadling you are going to need to get through by far the most stressful part of the whole process – approaching the Licensing Department.

First off all, the checklist of documents you need to even make a visit to the Licensing Department worthwhile is enough to make your eyes water (and having the correct documents is unfortunately no guarantee that you will be let in first time!) To make a booking for your test you will need AT LEAST the following with you when you attend the department: your ID, a copy of your ID (certified), two passport photographs, proof of residence (accompanied by an affidavit from your parents) and finally the right amount of cash.

These documents get you as far as the entrance. You then need to compete with the vast number of people also trying to access the building. If you plan on entering this battlefield, please make sure that all of your documentation (at least to the best of your knowledge) is present and correct. It is mightily frustrating to fight to the front of the queue only to find you left your passport photos at home!

As soon as you have reached the door and an official has approved your documentation (phew!), you will be given a blue form to fill out. Once this form has been completed, an official will attach one of your passport photos onto it. You are then put into the queue for the eye test. This is when your patience really comes into play…

Take things to keep you busy while you are in line but bear in mind that you may not have a chair for much of the queuing process, so make it an activity you can do standing. This queue can take anything from half an hour to three hours (and that is assuming the system stays online – not always guaranteed). Try to keep your cool at this stage, as often this process feels unnecessarily slow but we can absolutely say that screaming and shouting will make NO difference whatsoever. Oh and don’t forget to bring food and drinks for waiting in this line. We don’t want you to keel over in the queue…

Eventually (hopefully) you will reach the front of the queue, and then it’s time to do your eye-test. We really hope for your sake that you have a friendly eye-tester – otherwise, we wish you luck. The weird machine you see as you enter the room is actually responsible for the eye check and you will need to place your forehead right up against it (fairly gross we have to admit). The operator (again provided they are friendly) will tell you exactly what to do from here. Assuming you pass the eye test, you will be sent to another line.

When you reach the front of this next line you get the opportunity to book your test. Sometimes (if you’re lucky) you’ll get some choice over the date and time of your test, but often this is just not possible. Once the test is booked you will join your final queue of the day to hand over your blue form and money to the cashier. The cashier will give you an important piece of paper that you need to keep for test-day.

In terms of the test itself, be sure to arrive with at least half-an-hour to spare before your test begins. And GOOD LUCK! It will all be worth it in the end…

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