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Your bra: are you wearing the correct size?


Your bra: are you wearing the correct size?

So recent stats have shown that 9/10 women do not know their actual chest measurement. This potentially means that 9/10 women are wandering around in the wrong sized bra. This is important as the choice of size and shape of bra is believed by experts to be so important that it would be better to NOT wear a bra than to wear the wrong size or design of bra. 

But fear not…TeenZone are hear to educate you, so that you can be the 1/10 women who are perfectly fitted into their undergarments…

A bra has two measurements:

  • Contour: Measure the circumference around your body just below your breasts with a tape measure. The measurement obtained corresponds with the sizes: 80, 85, 90, 95cm or 30, 32, 34, 36 inches.
  • Cup: Measure your chest at its widest point (generally over the nipples). This measurement corresponds with the letters: AA, A, B, C, D, DD etc.

Both of these measurements must be taken without any clothes on, and when you are not menstruating, as menstruation can cause changes in these measurements. These measurements together form your bra size, so then go and look for bras in stores. It is important to realise that you need to try bras on, even if they are the correct size on the label, as different companies can manufacture designs and sizes slightly differently. If you have any concerns it is often possible in department stores for someone to help you with the measurements and fitting.

What you must look for in your *PERFECT* bra

  • Bras must not be too tight as they can dig into the skin, but also cause head and neck pain, as well as hinder lymphatic drainage of breast tissue.
  • Bras with wide straps are most supportive.
  • If the bra is wired it MUST fit your chest size perfectly.
  • If the bra is lacey you must make sure that it is of high quality, as cheap lace fabrics can irritate your skin.
  • You must use a specific bra for sports, because when you are physically active the movement increases in proportion to the size of your breasts. If you don’t wear one your breasts are thought to bounce the equivalent of about 135 metres for every 1500 metres you run!

NB If you are craving a big bust it is tempting to make your bra too small so your boobs end up looking bigger, but this is NOT GOOD FOR THE BOOBS. Instead, buy a push up bra. Just be smart…And if you have the opposite issue and want to decrease the size of your boobs’ appearance, please buy a bra specifically for doing this – do not strap yourself into corset type structures. Breathing is more important than bra size…Trust us.

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