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!!Breaking News!! ‘Talent’ is launched!


!!Breaking News!! ‘Talent’ is launched!

It’s an exciting day here today in the TZ office – the launch of our new platform Talent.

It’s our belief that young people are the future, and that their creative works challenge the status quo in a way that should, in fact has, to be embraced. It is for this reason that we have launched our new platform – to feature all of your creative works, allow you to check out each other’s works and allow producers/publishers/artists/songwriters/choreographers/film makers etc to discover your work. Use your talents. 

The site is dead easy to use, and we hope to see your songs, articles, poems, art works, photography, videos and more loaded onto the site. Just visit to get started and check out each other’s work. We really hope this will be a place for you all to show what you can do. Check it out. Let’s get your talent discovered.

NB! Please remember that we have set this site up for you as a place to show off your talent and get recognised for your mad skills. If you abuse the site by posting inappropriate content, content intended to bully, content intended to humiliate etc you will be banned from the platform, and if it is deemed necessary you will also be reported to the relevant authorities. 

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