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Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like


Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

Is anyone also thinking this is the new Michael Jackson? At least when it comes to those dance moves. Bruno Mars jams so hard in his music videos that you can’t not follow in his footsteps. Many a nights were partied away to Bruno Mars singles. This single isn’t any different. Bruno Mars has definitely been recognized for his musical brilliance, as can be seen this past weekend where he won The Innovator Award at the #iHeartAwards – perhaps the biggest award of the evening. He immediately turned to his supporters having this to say:

“Let me get started right here with the guys behind me. Come on, fellas. Make your way to the stage. We’ve come a long way. We used to play bars not too far from here [in] 200 seater rooms,” the 31-year-old told the star-studded audience at The Forum. “You’ve seen these guys in the videos. You’ve seen them in the Super Bowl. This my family right here. Thank you, fellas. These are the guys that make me wanna be better and be great. I love y’all. I couldn’t do it without you.”

He then went on to shout out some industry heads. This included the iHeartRadio family but also his inner circle, the Hooligans.

“You guys make me wanna be a better songwriter, a better performer, a better entertainer,” he explained. “Innovator is a very heavy word and I’m so honored. It’s a little ironic for me because I genuinely feel like I’m just getting started, so buckle up. I don’t know where we’re going yet, but we going. Keep up, y’all.”


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