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Cama Gwini’s Brand New Single


Cama Gwini’s Brand New Single

Cama Gwini is about to release her new studio album ‘Re-birth’ in November and this time, the enigmatic songstress has chosen to separate her name, Camagwini, to Cama Gwini, drawing a clear separation from the past, and a notable move into a new future.

With this album, Cama Gwini shows a distinct and deliberate move towards a sound that is more global, pop rock, yet soulful and smooth. Her African pedigree is still evident in her vocal improvisation and and sparse chants.

“I’ve discovered the beauty in music and the beauty in my voice through the Re-birthing process and I am offering this on my new album” says Cama Gwini. “This album is called Re-birth because everything is new and different from my previous albums.  The sound and image have changed to embrace the Re-birth of Cama Gwini.  This will be noticeable on the new album sleeve which is jaxtaposing the rural and the futuristic in one and representing the move from a traditional Xhosa sound to an Afro-Futuristic sound I prefer to call Afro-Rock.

“My first single ‘Jikel’emaweni’ gives you exactly what I mean by Afro–Rock. Enjoy!” – Cama Gwini

Listen to the single off the album here:

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