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You can now follow a hashtag on Instagram



You can now follow a hashtag on Instagram

As an Instagram user, you make use of hashtags when captioning a photo. You choose your hashtags according to what inspired the picture, the emotions you were feeling when the picture was taken, what’s going on in the photo, where the photo was taken and so on. You will most probably search a particular hashtag because the concept of it, interests you. Up until this point, however, you haven’t been able to ‘follow’ the hashtag.

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So, how do you go about following the hashtag? First, tap on a hashtag under any post or search for one you’re interested in. This will lead you to the hashtag page. Hit follow the hashtag. It’s as simple as that! What’s great is that the page will also provide you with related hashtags.

Hashtag followings will be invisible to onlookers if your account is private, too. Instagram will also make sure you’re only seeing the best and most relevant on your feed. If a hashtag post isn’t what you want, you can tell Instagram to not show you posts like that for the hashtag. This way you’re still seeing only what’s most interesting to you.

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